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Real estate is an investment in your future.  My primary goal is to align a buyer’s vision with the resources and expertise needed to exceed expectations and deliver the highest level of professional real estate services.

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What People Are Saying

“Joshua is a knowledgeable and insightful realtor who cares about his clients. We were first time home buyers and new to the overall process, Josh was able to educate us on how the home buying process works […] Highly recommend anyone looking to buy in the greater Nashville area to work with Josh!”

Nick, Client

“We would 100 percent recommend Joshua Smith to be anyone’s real estate agent. He helped us buy our new home, as well as sell our old home. He made the process as seamless as it could have possibly been because of his great knowledge of the industry.”

Jen, Client

“So thankful to have gotten the opportunity to work with Joshua! We were in contact the same day we showed interest in the first potential property […] Would highly recommend Joshua to anyone in the market!”

Bryce, Client

“I was new to the process but never once felt out of my depth, thanks to Joshua.”

Thomas, Client

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The Buying Process

Buyer Discovery

First, we meet and go over your home buying goals.  The process can be overwhelming, especially for a newbie, but even the most experienced buyers want a REALTOR® that’s going to help make the process easy, paying attention to your needs along the way.  If you have a home to sell, strategy and timing is paramount for listing the existing and buying the new.

The Money Talk

We can connect you with a lender that can facilitate a pre-approval letter if you don’t have one. This pre-approval will save us time in the closing process. it also strengthens your offer, allowing the seller to see that you are fund-ready.

Search and Showings

Use the search tools on this website to find your new home.  We use automatic email drips to send notifications out about your search preferences. We will also personally search the MLS and leverage our network of REALTOR® relationships to find market options that are not yet public.  As you narrow your search, let’s schedule showing tours to see the properties in person.  It’s an important part of the process in terms of actively discovering what you like and don’t like and get closer and closer to your home of choice.

The Offers

We offer a comparative market analysis (CMA) that will advise your decision on the strongest offer possible.  Every house is unique, so each offer will be too.  We will establish the terms and review your offer together prior to signing and sending (which can happen electronically to make the process smooth).  There will always be a deadline for the seller to respond and they have three options:  The seller can accept the terms as-is, counter with modified terms, or reject the offer.  Once negotiated and acceptable to both parties, the contract will be bound, and you will be officially under contract.

Loan Application

Once we’re under contract it’s time to put in your official loan application.  We have some preferred vendors that we work with, but encourage you to work with the vendor of your choosing.

Inspection and Resolution + Appraisal

During the negotiations, we always recommend an inspection of the home to ensure the quality and help identify any latent defects we can’t see on the surface. Once the results are in, we will enter the resolution period where we can negotiate repairs needed. Contract amendments, counteroffers and contingencies happen during this process.  When you are confident with the findings and resolutions of the inspections and status of any contingencies and wish to move forward, this is when we instruct your lender to order a professional appraisal of the home which will determine our next steps to move forward or terminate the contract.

Final Walk Through

All ducks in a row, we’ll walk through the house one more time to make sure everything we have discussed is accounted for.  This will help ensure the house is in the expected condition for purchase – any repairs have been made and the ceiling fans still operate, that kind of thing.


When your lender has verified and cleared your funding and prepared your Closing Disclosure, we’ll verify that all dollars are accounted for and are appropriately distributed.  At this point we belly up to the “closing table” and starting signing.  It may take an hour or so to get through all the paperwork, but once we’re finished there’s a new set of keys on your keychain and you can start your moving plans.

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