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Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or someone who has seen a real estate contract or two, if you’re here reading this right now, you’re probably looking for some help.  I know when I bought my first home, I was not an agent, and I didn’t know what to do.

Everything on this page is intended to be a free resource for buyers. Don’t be fooled, or afraid, I don’t want your phone number or your email address unless you want me to contact you. Take what you need or pass it on, and when you’re ready to buy, I hope you’ll think of me to be your agent.

Here Are Some Free Buyer Resources

*No contract necessary for any of these services*

Virtual Tour – If you’re just not sure where to look, maybe you’re unfamiliar with an area, or if you aren’t located in Nashville, this could be very helpful. Also, a lot of people prefer virtual tours to in-person tours these days until they’re ready to put in an offer. Click here to schedule a virtual tour.

In-Person Tour / Showings – Ready to get out and pound the pavement? This is a crucial step in the initial stages of buying a home.  Click here to schedule a showing.

Loan Pre-Approval Contact – I’m not a mortgage broker, or a lender of any kind. But I work with them everyday of the week, and I’m happy to share this info. Click here to see a list of contacts.

Free Inbox Listing Alerts – Zillow, Redfin, Trulia or any other app you wish to use to find out what’s available where you’re looking can be very helpful, but they aren’t totally accurate or up to date. For accurate information on new listings and to receive live listing updates, I can add an email address to my list with a description of the property you are looking for and set you up to receive live alerts.  If you wish to see any of those properties (in-person or virtually) you can simply respond to the email and let me know.  It’s easy, and again, totally free.  I won’t add you to any mailing list, all you’ll get are your personalized alerts.  Click here to sign up for Listing alerts.

Inbox Market Alerts – Similar to Free Inbox Listing Alerts, we can set this up so you can see what’s happening in your search area.  This works especially for people who know where they want to buy, but want to watch the market in that area to see what type of buying activity or listing activity is happening.  Click here to sign up for Market alerts.

What People Are Saying

“Joshua is a knowledgeable and insightful realtor who cares about his clients. We were first time home buyers and new to the overall process, Josh was able to educate us on how the home buying process works […] Highly recommend anyone looking to buy in the greater Nashville area to work with Josh!”

Nick, Client

“We would 100 percent recommend Joshua Smith to be anyone’s real estate agent. He helped us buy our new home, as well as sell our old home. He made the process as seamless as it could have possibly been because of his great knowledge of the industry.”

Jen, Client

“So thankful to have gotten the opportunity to work with Joshua! We were in contact the same day we showed interest in the first potential property […] Would highly recommend Joshua to anyone in the market!”

Bryce, Client

“I was new to the process but never once felt out of my depth, thanks to Joshua.”

Thomas, Client

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