VIDEO: Home Equity Loan / Heloc / What is Home Equity?

https://youtu.be/MD17B5zwwBc   When I work with buyers, they often don’t understand what home equity is. And sellers sometimes don’t realize there are ways their equity can help them sell.  So let’s talk about what it is and what you can do with it.  To put it simply, home equity is the difference between the amount you owe on your property, and its current value. Now, value can be hard to define because there are many applications for it [...]

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VIDEO: Worst Things About Living In Nashville

https://youtu.be/3xet3emMRoQ In other videos, I like to talk about the things that make living in Nashville great.  After all, I’m a real estate agent, I’m supposed to be sitting here discussing all the best things about living where I am selling, right?  Well today I’m going to talk about all the bad stuff, and try my best to talk you out of moving to Tennessee.  Why would I do this?  Because if you’re still wanting to move here [...]

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VIDEO: When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

https://youtu.be/0Z4PhMvPlbA   Welcome to 2021!  It’s that time of the year when I start seeing people looking for the best ways and times they should sell.  Well let’s answer these questions, and talk about what steps you should take to begin the journey. There’s a sweet spot, typically in the springtime, when it’s perfect to list.  Zillow will tell you it’s May 1st to May 15th. However, in Nashville it’s right around now - or in January, after [...]

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VIDEO: Moving to Nashville 2021 | What You Need To Know

https://youtu.be/Y_eBPeguMXk   VIDEO DIALOGUE I want to offer a quick glimpse into the real estate market in Tennessee in 2021, specifically in Greater Nashville, for folks that may be looking to move here and would like to know more about life here and what types of things you should look for in a new home. My name is Joshua Smith with Home Agent Group of Benchmark Realty in Tennessee and today we’re going to cover a few different topics [...]

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VIDEO: Bridge Loan

https://youtu.be/32Wq6GjBkmw   VIDEO DIALOGUE Bridge loans.  What are they?  How can a bridge loan help you buy your next house?  The short answer is that they can help you leverage your equity in your existing home to purchase another one.  But let’s talk about how they work best, and who they work best for. Nashville, and surrounding areas are fast moving markets.  We have a lot of buyers, and not a lot of property for sale, that’s what [...]

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VIDEO: How Much Is My House Worth?

https://youtu.be/SfOKBs6Tk3U   VIDEO DIALOGUE Your tax assessment is not your value.  Your Zestimate, Zillow’s thing, that’s not your value either. Want to know how to get the actual value for your property? I can save you this whole video right now: Talk to a live person, specifically a real estate agent who knows the market and can work with you to find it.  Why, pray tell? I’ll tell you. I’ve covered this topic a lot because people always [...]

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VIDEO: Selling a House Without a REALTOR

https://youtu.be/bMaQ2-h-BcI   VIDEO DIALOGUE Are you ready to sell but not sure where to start?  And it appears you don’t want to work with a realtor, so let’s talk about it. The main reason I hear from people that do not want to work with a realtor is the same reason they want to sell in the first place:  You either want the most money on your investment you can get, or you want to sell as fast [...]

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OPEN HOUSE: 401 Keeton Ave, Old Hickory, Sunday 12/23 from 2-4pm

$305,000 For Sale 401 Keeton Ave Old Hickory, TN 37138 3 Beds, 2 Bath, 1219 SqFt Want to see it in person before the open house? Schedule a Showing Accepting Offers Directions: From Hermitage, take Old Hickory Blvd. towards Old Hickory/Rayon City. Turn Right onto Bridgeway Ave. Turn Left onto Ensley Ave. Turn Left onto Rayon Dr. Continue Straight onto Scenic View Rd. Turn Right onto [...]

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December 2020 Market Update, Greater Nashville Area

Homes Sales in November Surpass 2019 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 8, 2020) – Home sales hit 3,694 closings for November, according to data provided by Greater Nashville REALTORS®. This figure is up 14 percent from the 3,232 closings reported for the same period last year. “November home sales are something to be thankful for,” said Kristy Hairston, Greater Nashville Realtors president. “In a typical year, we would be thrilled to see a 14 percent increase, but with all we’ve experienced this year, the consistent trajectory of [...]

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Video: Understanding the iBuyer

https://youtu.be/w44HeQQjJ4k VIDEO DIALOGUE The “i” is for “instant”, and that’s the key to understanding why it can be a good thing for the right situation. An iBuyer is a company that buys and sells real estate quickly through algorithms and tech. It’s really not that complicated a process, the contracts are boilerplate, it’s almost like buying new construction where your contract will be dictated by the policies of the entity with which you’re doing business, and therein lies [...]

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