Video: REALTOR ON THE STREETS – “How to find my house value”

https://youtu.be/bHuf2QXeAHk VIDEO ALERT - This week I took to the streets to find out what questions people have about #realestate - Lloyd wanted to know how to find his house value! Want to know how? Check this video out on my YouTube, like and subscribe and share with your friends!

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Video: How Much Is My House Worth?

https://youtu.be/oni_MAb9SYc VIDEO DIALOGUE Alright then, let’s get right to it.  How much is your house worth?  There are a couple of different ways to look at value. First off, how many houses like yours have sold within about a 1 mile radius of your house in the last 6 months?  You can get a pretty close estimate by looking at those.  But do you have as many updates as they do?  Or do they have as many updates [...]

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Video: Best Apps for House Hunting

https://youtu.be/irISGGf68xY VIDEO DIALOGUE If you’re searching for a good app to house hunt - the main thing to look at is how accurate the info in the app can be. The top few are obvious: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin (which isn’t in every area, but it is in Nashville) Then you have those secondary apps like Homesnap, HomeLight, HomeScout and even OpenDoor (which is exclusively homes sold through OpenDoor). All these apps are connected to the MLS - [...]

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Video: How to Increase Home Value

https://youtu.be/G3gnveMUxj8 VIDEO DIALOGUE If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, there are a number of ways this can happen. Obviously your home value changes with the market, but because this is somewhat unpredictable, you will want to make improvements on your home to ensure the value will continue to increase, even over what the market value might dictate. But let’s focus on the key elements of those improvements that will earn you the biggest bang [...]

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Video: Rent Studio Space? Or Own Your Studio?

https://youtu.be/mu4LfyEQb8g VIDEO DIALOGUE Are you interested in purchasing a studio space, or even just cutting down on rental fees for your projects?  I’ve been in production for over 15 years, and I’ve rented studio spaces in different parts of the country. These days, it’s important to reduce your overhead, and still ensure that you have the space  you need to do your work.  The pandemic isn’t going to last forever, but it will forever change how we work [...]

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Video: How long does it take to sell a house?

https://youtu.be/GaLdYm37fy4 VIDEO DIALOGUE How long does it take to sell a house?  Well, I’ll admit that’s a bit of a tough question to answer.  No one wants their house to sit on the market for a long time, and in some cases you really need to sell in a short period of time, and of course you want the most you can get for it. I will say around Nashville there are certain markets that seem to force [...]

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Video: Buyer’s Market

https://youtu.be/G7bcPwwH3wc VIDEO DIALOGUE Ok so we covered the Seller’s Market, but what’s a Buyer’s market?  Just the opposite right?  Mostly, yes. Again, by definition, stock is plentiful and buyer’s are able to keep the prices down.  It might seem like an idyllic scenario where we are able to dictate what we want the prices to be as the buyers.  In real estate, this might actually come to pass on a case by case scenario. Let me give you [...]

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Video: Seller’s Market

https://youtu.be/9_3ml8K5iL0 VIDEO DIALOGUE Is it a Buyer’s or a Seller’s market?  What’s the difference between the two? Well let’s look at the difference between them.  Today I’m going to talk about a Seller’s Market. By definition a seller’s market is one where the seller typically is able to dictate the price of something because stock is limited.  You have seen this before, especially in our current circumstance.  My wife tried to buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol at [...]

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Video: Remodel VS Renovate

https://youtu.be/EahRAwznih0   Some helpful links:  https://www.bobvila.com/articles/renovation-vs-remodel/ https://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/remodel-vs-renovation-whats-the-difference/ VIDEO DIALOGUE: So what’s the difference between a remodel and a renovation?  These similar terms are not synonymous, and it can be important to know the difference if you’re looking for an existing home renovation, or remodel. Here’s the deal, you already know that each term refers to improvements made on a house. That’s pretty obvious. A renovation will change the look and feel of a room - or an entire [...]

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Video: How to Save for a House

 https://youtu.be/dAQYgvzwO_U VIDEO DIALOGUE: Preparing to purchase a house is a daunting task.  But the biggest hurdle to cross early on is to save enough money for a down payment, which will include budgeting to get your monthly overhead down. So let’s talk about budgeting and how to save money. I’m going to offer a few suggestions that I’ve found to be helpful. Suggestion #1.  This is not at the top of my list for any other reason than budgeting, [...]

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