VIDEO: Home Buyer Fears VIDEO DIALOGUE Let's talk about some buyer fears.  It's almost October, we've already started thinking about halloween costumes. My son wants to be a zombie and my wife wants to look pretty, what are you gonna do? Why are you afraid of buying? I've got three things, if there's more, leave that hate in the comments that's what the internet is for! Fear No.1: What if the house goes down in value after I buy it? Well, [...]

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VIDEO: Home Seller Tips 2022 Seller 123s to Consider Before Selling Your Home Sellers you may be seeing how I’m talking to buyers. You may have seen my last video about how I think this is a buyers’ market. I’m not gonna lie, I think that's true. But there are things you can do, you need good plan for how to list your house. Do the thing, hit the like button wherever you're seeing this right now, please, like do it. This [...]

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VIDEO: It’s a Buyer’s Market In Tennessee Right Now! Why I Think We're in a Buyer's Market Right Now in Nashville If you're not watching this video in quarter 3 or probably q4 of 2022, this may not be relevant for you. I'm not saying don't watch it, I'm saying you may have to fact check me. I normally try to put out stuff that can last a long time and be relevant, but that's just not possible all the time. Do the thing, please like [...]

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Restaurants in Old Hickory: From Fine Dining to Nashville Hot Chicken

It’s Monday. Do you know where you’re having dinner tonight? What about this weekend? If you’re in Old Hickory, you shouldn’t have problems finding somewhere amazing. From the hot chicken Nashville has become famous for to fine dining at its, well, finest, whatever cuisine your tastebuds desire, you can find it at one of these restaurants in Old Hickory. Granddaddy’s Original Hot Chicken Shack One thing to know is that this Old Hickory staple is closed on Sundays and Mondays, [...]

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Where to Mingle in Madison

Madison may be a quiet little suburb of Nashville, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a quiet life if you live here. Sure, it’s nice to have some peace and quiet, but we all need a little social interaction to keep us sane sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of upcoming Madison events with which to pack your social calendar. Whether you’re looking for a pub crawl with pals or an outdoor festival filled with local vendors, Madison has [...]

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VIDEO: Why You Should Invest in CLARKSVILLE, TN, Part 1 VIDEO CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 01:08 What's Hot and What's Needed 04:19 Working with the Military 05:44 Ups and Downs + One of the Best Places to Live in America 06:18 STRs Work in Clarksville A driving tour, talking about the Clarksville TN real estate market with JD Hill, agent/broker/investor/et al the things!

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VIDEO: Hendersonville TN Tour (Indian Lake Peninsula) Want to learn more about those neighborhoods you're looking into for the next journey? This isn't your average real estate tour. Let's get real folks, we all have real lives! I'm a real guy with a real life, just like you. Take a dive into Hendersonville real estate and places to visit with me! This is a great community and neighborhood to be part of, you'll love the trees, the homes, the lakefront properties and the geese! [...]

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Meet and Greet: Ribbon Cutting Celebrations for New Hendersonville Businesses

What started as a distant little suburb of Nashville has steadily grown over the years to become quite the minitropolis. With established neighborhoods, up-and-coming communities, historic downtown, and even fertile apple orchards, it’s easy to see why Hendersonville was chosen as the 16th best place to live in the US last year. Proximity to Nashville makes Hendersonville a desirable place for some pretty famous residents over the years without losing its hometown feel. Steady residential and commercial growth will ensure a [...]

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VIDEO: FTC Fines iBuyer Opendoor for Scamming Consumers   VIDEO DIALOGUE Oh my God, Becky, look at that article that just came out by the FTC! Holy crap folks, the FTC is (can I say finally?!) cracking down on OPENDOOR for what they're describing as "cheating" sellers into working with them. Holy hell folks, you're going to like this one so sit back, relax - well before you do hit that like button dinger bell thingy and subscribe too 'cause hey, that's how this works. [...]

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