VIDEO: Tour of Nashville…BREWERIES! with Christy Paige

https://youtu.be/VdqzRQTOwOM Touring Nashville with Christy Paige - long time friend, and visiting from California to look at parts of town to invest in to make that PASSIVE INCOME through REAL ESTATE. We talk about a few points of interest (since she's wanting to invest in short term rentals and long term), what you can get and how you can do short term rentals in and around town... ALL WHILE checking out breweries and drinking beer. It's great, you're [...]

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VIDEO: Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

https://youtu.be/oD1-pylsoL4 VIDEO DIALOGUE This topic came up when I was talking to a new client, who actually found me through Youtube.  We talked about their interests in Nashville, and connected over both having lived in LA. We were talking about how the whole process works, because he had never purchased a home before, and also had never lived in Nashville and wanted to know a lot... which is great. He didn’t know what to ask, but he knew [...]

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VIDEO: What Month Do You Usually Start To See More Listings Hit The Market In Nashville

https://youtu.be/3XL-mFB6-6I VIDEO DIALOGUE If you’re here for this topic right now, you’re probably either shopping for houses, or trying to figure out when the best time to list your house may be. Either way, it’s good to know when to expect to see houses come on the market, and how to react to that increase in inventory.  Because let’s face it, the buyer’s market in Nashville is basically like a pack of rabid wolves fighting over the bloody [...]

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VIDEO: California VS Nashville, Why Nashville Won

https://youtu.be/Hvp5tpW6yWc VIDEO DIALOGUE I love California, who doesn’t. The weather is literally so perfect, you start to hate the sun. It’s 70 degrees like 14 months out of the year and everyone you see on the street in Hollywood is basically a made-to-order catalog version of a human. But people are leaving in droves. It’s amazing, from all over the state, people are evacuating California like it’s the reason for the pandemic. And honestly it might have a lot [...]

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VIDEO: Are We In A Housing Bubble (AND WILL IT BURST)??

https://youtu.be/U8P3z4SSD6A   Dave Ramsey fan or not, you can't deny he's helped a lot of people get out of debt, and offered a ton of good advice along the way!  He's also held a real estate license for over 30 years, so I - for one - trust his judgement on the matter of real estate markets.  In this video I offer my take on his take of today's market, and "housing bubble".

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VIDEO: How to Make Money in Real Estate

https://youtu.be/uwMeU0BO75Q VIDEO DIALOGUE Want to know how to make money in real estate? I asked this question once and my mentor said “you just need to get a real estate license!” Hahahaha!! Man, I’m so glad I did. As a father and a musician, it’s totally changed my outlook in life. But here’s the thing, to get started making money in real estate, you DON’T need a license! I’m going to go over a couple ways you can make [...]

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VIDEO: TIPS For Hosting a Successful Open House Step by Step

https://youtu.be/o26aX7myC6E VIDEO DIALOGUE Whether you are an agent, or a home owner looking to sell with an agent or without, you need to know how to host a successful open house. I end up hosting a lot of other agents open houses because they’re a great marketing tool, they’re a great way to get yourself in front of people and to find out who’s looking that doesn’t have representation. That being said if you’re a homeowner and you wanting [...]

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VIDEO: What Is a Comparative Market Analysis

https://youtu.be/lGHZnyRO_Y8   VIDEO DIALOGUE When you start thinking about buying or selling a house, you might feel like you need to carry a special real estate dictionary around with you to understand all the different terms you’ll hear throughout the process. Where else would you run into words like amortization, contingencies, dual agency, escrow, or private mortgage insurance? This is especially true when you try to put a price on the house you’re selling or try to determine [...]

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VIDEO: Let’s Talk About Nashville’s Best Kept Secret: Old Hickory Village

https://youtu.be/ceX2LTdkxs4 VIDEO DIALOGUE Let’s Talk About Nashville’s Best Kept Secret: Old Hickory Village Can you keep a secret? I can…usually. But Old Hickory Village is one of those secrets that should be told. And the funny thing is, a long, long time ago, Old Hickory Village wasn’t a secret at all. Just, you know, like The One Ring, some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend; legend became myth… Old Hickory Village Beginnings [...]

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