Video: Avoid These Costly Mistakes   There are costly mistakes both BUYERS and SELLERS make in a market like the one we're in today. It's fast paced and expensive, and you don't want to leave money on the table! Here are a few tips to help out anyone looking to tread these warm waters.Give the video a watch, and you might just want to share it (or at least give it a thumbs up!)   VIDEO DIALOGUE: Welcome to the video. If [...]

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Video: Be A Good Agent   As REALTORS, I don't think we do enough encouraging and empowering each other to grow. So here's a little encouragement for your daily howl, go get some and be beautiful.Give the video a watch, and you might just want to share it (or at least give it a thumbs up!)   Video Dialogue: Hey there folks. Just down here, you know, going and, showing property, driving around and scoping out some different locations and, it occurred [...]

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Video: House Hacking or Mortgage Fraud?   House Hacking or Mortgage Fraud? House hacking.  A term, if you're interested in getting into property investment, you've probably  heard or read about. If you haven't heard of "house hacking", you may have heard of mortgage fraud. These are not the same things, oh no, but if you don't know what house hacking is, and you try to do it, you might just be committing mortgage fraud. Let's talk about shall we?  Shouldn't take long. Are [...]

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Video: Nashville Real Estate Market 2022 – Is it Too Late to Invest? Making an Investment in Nashville, TN March 2022 Want to invest in property? Looking at Nashville because everyone is doing it, and wondering if you can still get in?  100%. Let's do it. Everyone wants to buy in Nashville right now, because the prices are manageable, the economy is strong, there's no income tax, and evidently we all missed the boat in Austin. Even with the way real estate is drastically increasing in price, you can still [...]

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FEMA Flood Map Changes for Nashville (Davidson County, TN) Take Effect Today, February 25, 2022 VIDEO CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 00:22 The Nuts and Bolts 01:23 Notes to Buyers 02:01 Note to Sellers Link to Flood Map Flood Map Changes for Nashville: Feb 25, 2022 Today, 61 updated FEMA flood map panels go into effect. What does that mean? It means that more than a thousand homes (some new construction not yet completed) will require a flood insurance policy.  I wanted to share a quick debriefing some of this information, and provide [...]

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Video: November 2021 NASHVILLE REAL ESTATE Market Report   The market report for November. This month, I'm taking a look through price vs. inventory graphs, and talking about higher loan limits for 2022! I dive into similarities, and differences between 2019, 2020, and 2021 and how the market is changing and evolving based on all kinds of factors in the current market. I also give my opinion on where I think 2022 is going to take us, both in terms of price and inventory, and [...]

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