VIDEO: Best Low Maintenance Homes in Nashville You want to buy a house, but you’re not sure that you can handle all that maintenance. Hell I just bought a house with a pool that looks like it hasn’t been touched in 8 years. I think I may have kicked out a snapping turtle with all the shock treatment Fox Pools had me put in there. Look no further - I’ve a few very quick, very easy points to add to your shopping list that [...]

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Video: Nashville Real Estate Market 2022 – Is it Too Late to Invest? Making an Investment in Nashville, TN March 2022 Want to invest in property? Looking at Nashville because everyone is doing it, and wondering if you can still get in?  100%. Let's do it. Everyone wants to buy in Nashville right now, because the prices are manageable, the economy is strong, there's no income tax, and evidently we all missed the boat in Austin. Even with the way real estate is drastically increasing in price, you can still [...]

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Video: Nashville Real Estate: The Best Places to Buy   Nashville Real Estate - The Best Places to Buy Hello all of you!  It’s Joshua here with the Home Agent Group.  We talk about all things related to real estate here on this channel, and I focus mainly on Nashville, Tennessee because that's where I live and work, and invest. Today I want to cover - really two topics, because they're directly related, No.1 "Is Nashville a good place to invest?" and No.2 "What are the [...]

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VIDEO: California VS Nashville, Why Nashville Won VIDEO DIALOGUE I love California, who doesn’t. The weather is literally so perfect, you start to hate the sun. It’s 70 degrees like 14 months out of the year and everyone you see on the street in Hollywood is basically a made-to-order catalog version of a human. But people are leaving in droves. It’s amazing, from all over the state, people are evacuating California like it’s the reason for the pandemic. And honestly it might have a lot [...]

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VIDEO: Moving to Nashville 2021 | What You Need To Know   VIDEO DIALOGUE I want to offer a quick glimpse into the real estate market in Tennessee in 2021, specifically in Greater Nashville, for folks that may be looking to move here and would like to know more about life here and what types of things you should look for in a new home. My name is Joshua Smith with Home Agent Group of Benchmark Realty in Tennessee and today we’re going to cover a few different topics [...]

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Moving to Nashville Special Thanks to for supplying such awesome photos, I had to use them in the video! VIDEO DIALOGUE: Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a great place to live and raise a family. It’s also a lot of fun with free live music every night of the week. Let’s take a look at some of the different neighborhoods in Nashville, how they feel and why they might appeal. Because let’s face it - what’s going to determine your choice on where [...]

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